Security in El Gouna


Can we travel safely to El Gouna ?

At first, we can affirm that we feel safer in El Gouna than in Paris, London or Berlin ! Security is high and guaranteed not only by a police presence, but also by a strict filter at all entry points.

This graph shows that common destination countries such as France, United States or Canada (in red) are more risky than Egypt (in green). The only attack in Egypt took place in Alexandria, in the north of the country, a region that has been more tense and not recommended since several years (see picture below). So if you choice Hurghada - El Gouna, your risks are close to zero.

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We have been visiting El Gouna regularly since 2013 and have never seen any aggression, robberies or other acts of violence. On the contrary, we can affirm the kindness and helpfulness of the employees of the various shops, bars, restaurants and hotels. Certainly, we are still tourists with a relatively high financial potential, which leads to an exaggeration of prices. But it is always possible - not to say recommended - to negotiate before acquiring anything. And this never creates a potentially dangerous situation.

This map was established in June 2016 and is still a reference in terms of security. The webpage gives a very good analysis of the situation (in French).


Hurghada International Airport

The road leading to the airport is highly secured by the armed presence of military and police officers. It is impossible to reach it without systematic control of vehicles and their occupants. To enter the airport, each person goes through several security checks. Baggage is scanned, checked for any prohibited substances and people are examined several times.


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The Town of El Gouna

At the entrance to the city, a police roadblock examines each vehicle. Both staff and residents of El Gouna can only enter if their criminal record is completely clean and they do not belong to any biased movement. In the city, many security checkpoints are still occupied and patrols are visible everywhere, even if they are discreet.

Thus, to access residential areas, it is necessary to pass through a checkpoint, to which not everyone is allowed to go, except residents, tenants, workers and taxis.

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You still doubt ?

We can only say it: nowhere have we felt so safe as in El Gouna.

So, let's Travel to Egypt !