The Team


From Switzerland for Egypt

Managers are Swiss citizens from a region with high tourism requirements. For several years now, they have been travelling several times a year to Egypt - more particularly to the El Gouna region - which they cherish as much as their native land.

Their experience of Egypt and contacts with many tenants from all countries have given them the necessary basis to determine customer expectations regarding the quality of holiday accommodation.

Without targeting luxury properties, they want to promote decent, well-equipped, well-maintained and pleasant apartments and villas. They thus offer a guarantee to the tenant that the rented property will meet their requirements and open the door to families whose means are often limited.

From Egypt for Egypt

On site, an Egyptian agent watches over the property and its maintenance, welcomes the tenants and is at their disposal if necessary, in the spirit of service that is characteristic of Egyptians and appreciated by all. We expressly choose educated, cultivated collaborators, whose notoriety and seriousness do not suffer from any defects.

From meeting to collaboration

Each strives to meet the other in his or her own language and customs. Currently, we can communicate with you:

  • in French
  • in German
  • in Swiss-German
  • in Italian
  • in English
  • in Egiptian arabic
  • and this, always cordially

Over time, the team will be strengthened to ensure that quality services are maintained.