For successful holidays

It is important to us that our clients' trust is rewarded and that their experience in Egypt is wonderful. That is why we are committed to you to:

  • Ensure the quality of the properties offered
  • Check them regularly
  • Be consistent and coherent with the owners
  • Preserve the customer's freedom of choice

Each property must meet certain criteria:

  • The location is quiet and sunny
  • It is far from major arteries, busy roads and highways
  • It is easily accessible to the city centre, beaches or swimming pools
  • It is clean, neat, well maintained
  • The sanitary facilities are in good working order, clean, sanitary and sanitary
  • The same applies to the kitchen and its equipment
  • The furniture is in good condition, clean and usable
  • Furniture and equipment correspond to the inventory and their presentation
  • The rental price is correct, consistent, fair
  • The services offered (such as transfers, cleaning, etc.) are guaranteed without surprise